Part 1 — Facts And Definitions

In a little less than 2 weeks it will be mental health week — a special few days from the 10th to the 16th of May which are set aside each year to highlight and focus on mental health.

I thought I’d start an exploration of all that is mental health early by having a look at some of the basics of the subject — definitions, facts and general information.

Generally, the term ‘mental health’ is used to describe any type of mental health situation, be it good, bad, or anything in between.


I call it my poo pocket.

Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

Right, if gross biological subjects make you uncomfortable, close this article now. (there is mention of poo, and bums, and vaginas).

A couple of years, after giving birth to my youngest child, I noticed that I had a feeling of fullness in my colon, even after I had emptied it. I did some googling (okay, like a lot of googling) and after ruling out that I was nearing death, I discovered a thing called a prolapse. There are various kinds of prolapses which I will talk about towards the end of this article.


Part 2 — The most common types of mental illness disorders.

According to there are almost 300 mental disorders.

The most common types are:

Perfect for your day job when you’re actually a writer but want to make your day job ‘pretty’.

I recently started a new job and have been writing all my training notes and keeping a daily planner in a plain old notebook. I love notebooks and planners and I wanted to get something for work that wasn’t too expensive and it needed to be pretty.

So after a long time spent searching on Amazon, I found this beauty. It’s easy on the pocket and it has everything I needed for work.

Taimi, Goddess of Time, watches earth and it’s occupants. Not because she wants to, but because it is her punishment.

I watch them, you know. I always have. Ever since Adam ate that damn apple. I mean, come on! That apple was The seed. And he ate it, our seed! And now all because he could not control his needs, I’ve got to watch them. All of them. And they are boring, so very boring.

But I get to be the fated Goddess who must be party to the comings and goings of these creatures. Me, the Goddess of Time…

Natashia Gravett

Writer, mother, wife. Lover of history. Explorer. Observer. Photography. @natashia_gravett on Instagram

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